Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact.

Unexpected and challenging circumstances demand unexpected and challenging effort.

We have, and continue to focus all of our resources and effort on supporting our clients in these uncharted waters.

We have rapidly developed “Skip this payment” and “Defer this payment” features providing our customers with the ability to quickly make plan changes on a case-by-case basis in response to local, state, and national policy changes. Note that we also have the ability to effect massive plan changes where necessary.

For those customers that have implemented i-Notify texting, we encourage you to consider adding an additional text to affected defendants informing them of your intent to defer/skip due amounts.

I-Plow has always been portable so for those customers whom are authorized to work from home, please contact us to make the necessary arrangements on our end.

Be safe…

Maximize taxpayer value.

Since 2007, we’ve provided case management solutions with an emphasis on enabling government entities to exhaust all internal efforts to intuitively, effectively and efficiently collect their: fees, fines, court costs, victim restitution, taxes, etc. All the while, complying with onerous local, state, and federal policies, procedures, and legislative mandates.

Together, they have successfully collected, cashiered and can account for over $1,384,518,652.23. Yes, that’s over a billion dollars – reconcilable to the penny. Other interesting statistics: 2,219,226 cases; 1,058,469 payment/community service plans; 6,308,045 sent cards and/or letters; 2,377,173 automatic voice notifications; and 45,423,368 due diligence events. 

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