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Payment Processing?

Will your staff be able to scan (card present) credit and debit cards for real-time integrated payment processing?  Yes.  Can they process a credit/debit card over the phone (card not present)?  Sure.  Is self-service payment processing available via a custom web portal?  You bet.

Counties and/or cities do not incur any equipment or payment processing charges whatsoever. For the payer's convenience, a reasonable flat rate transaction fee is charged.  Payers will recognize the conveniences including: compliance via last minute payments and timesaving by avoiding travel and parking issues, expenses, etc. 

After an extensive vetting process, we're excited to announce that we've selected and partnered with Govt Portal to provide our customers with a full range of enriched payment processing solutions.  They, too, share our core philosophy and principles in striving to deliver tremendous taxpayer value.  For more information, feel free to call us or John Tolbert directly at Govt Portal @ 1.877.994.6889.  Just let John know that we referred you.


"Another value added service provider improving collections and compliance..."


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